Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Selecting Healthy Bulbs

Think about when you want color in your bulb flower gardening site.
There is an excellent color
choice available in tulip bulbs. No matter what type of color design
you want to create your
choices range from white to pink to even black tulips. Daffodils,
although typically sunny yellow,
are also found in combinations of yellow and white. Crocuses are
commonly white, purple or
There is no need to stick to only one type of bulb, as spring bulbs
all complement each other
very well. Tulips pair very nicely with daffodils and crocuses are a
small plant that add color to
the lower end of the garden.
You can extend blooming times by planting different varieties of bulbs
also extends bloom times.
Bulb varieties exist for every bulb flower gardening season:
–Some of the most popular early spring bulbs are tulips, crocuses and daffoodils.

–Snowdrops and winter aconite also bloom in early spring
–Grape hyacinth and Grecian windflowers are mid-spring bloomers.
–Lilies and Persian buttercups blossom in early to mid-summer.
–Amaryllis does its thing in late summer
–Begonias, dahlias, eucomis,elephant ears and caladiums are also
popular summer bulbs

–Meadow saffron shows off in the autumn.
Choosing the right bulbs involves more than just selecting colors and
cultivars. Type, timing,
bulb size, and most importantly, bulb health are equally significant
factors in designing your
spring garden.

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